Pandorada Ltd

Quality, reliability, enthusiasm.

“Pandorada Ltd” was set up in 2003 to provide foreign language courses, specialist contracting & consulting services for Russian citizens planning to make their careers in international industries.

 The company has been licensed by the Migration Service of Home Affairs Department (national license 20104390723) as a recruitment agency with the official permission to supply Russian specialists and unskilled workers from all parts of the country to the international labour market.

We’ve got a team of recruitment experts providing comprehensive, efficient, quality services to the clients coming from different professional backgrounds. The employers are sure to be supplied with reliable, English-speaking, well-referenced & screened, enthusiastic personnel. Both specialists and non-skilled workers are available for short & long-term contracts in businesses covering a wide range of activities.

Our priorities are the following:



- Providing different specialists, skilled and unskilled workers with temporary and long-term contracts abroad : Marine Crewing (sending seafarers to foreign flag vessels), Au Pair (placement in the USA, Denmark, Norway and Sweden) etc.


International exchange programmes:

Work and Travel USA

Internship and Trainee USA

Work and Study Canada

Internship Canada

Study and Work UK


Teaching foreign languages

Programmes for students, post-graduates, employees working for Russian and foreign companies and all those who'd like to speak fluent English.

All levels:

Elementary (General English for beginners), Intermediate, Upper intermediate, Advanced,TOEFL and IELTS courses.


 We are open for partnership on the permanent basis with licensed recruitment agencies.  

We hope that our competence and experience

will contribute to our mutual prosperity!



General Director: Natalya Anpilova

ENGLISH-занятия для участников иммиграционных программ.

ЗАПИСЬ НА ОБУЧЕНИЕ ПО e-mailоставьте контактный номер телефона).

Английский язык для успешной карьеры в Росси и за рубежом!

Квчественная и результативная подготовка к  сдаче ЕГЭ, TOEFL&IELTS,интервью, выпускным и вступительным экзаменам . Набор в группы начинающих и продолжающих обучение.Запись на собеседование по e-mail   Входное тестирование на русском и английском языкахю